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As the anxiety overflows

I wonder what could make it go away

Nothing but the tender touch of hers

Could make it dissapate          

I suppose I do it to myself

Freaking out over little things

Letting spilled milk get to me

After the panic sets in, nothing else can end it    

Theres nothing I'd rather

Then to feel completely calmed

But when these sessions progress

I just can't stop them    

It's like I have no control

my life is in shambles

Nothing I can do about it

I just can't fix it      

People reach out

Try to help me

They have no control

As much as they try   

Only one can make it end

I'm totally dependant

She doesn't like the pressure

Nothing I can do        
The troubled writing shows itself once more
DeepThroatie Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
Full of emotions, very realistic. Kinda reminds me of a stream of consciousness, so fragmentary.
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November 4, 2008
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